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Recent Print and Video Productions

On your computer click the  [full screen] icon – bottom right side of the media screen – to enjoy the program in full-screen mode For the latest video productions click here ***   Click on picture to view large image and to print poster . PRCA Chief Joseph Days Rodeo Score...

Bred Heifers for Sale

Select 2019 Fall Bred Heifers are available! For more information contact Jeff Parker 541-426-5989 HighviewAngusRanch@gmail.com      Also, take a look at our selection of 2019 Age Advantaged Bulls for sale   ...

Genomic Testing and GE-EPD’s

By Jeff Parker Highview Angus Ranch 1/15/2015 Back in 2009 we wrote that we would monitor new developments in genomic testing for Angus until such a time when “the bugs had been worked out” While I am not sure all the bugs are dead, Genomic testing in Angus...