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Yearling Bulls



Available Yearling Bulls — Performance Pedigree

EPD’s of available Yearling (as of May 15, 2018)

2018 AGI Genomics (PDF)


2018 Bull Sale Notes: 

All Highview Angus Ranch Sale Bulls have recently passed a full semen test & were again vaccinated with PregGuard 10 FP MLV, 8-Way Clostridial, Immvac Beef & MultiMin.

A Note On Pricing. Complete A.I. breeding, ET, Genomic Testing, developing and culling all take a big investment. For comparison Registered Angus Bulls (as reported to the AAA YTD in fiscal 2018 through February) 10,573 hd sold for and average $5488. 2896 hd in the Pacific Northwest Jan – March 2018 Averaged $4689. Angus Bulls sales here in Oregon averaged $5205. Yet our bulls remain competitively priced & represent an excellent value. The average for the top end of our bulls selling this spring are priced 43% less than those sold across the US and 36% less than those sold here in Oregon even though our bulls are all A.I. sired with deep A.I. pedigrees, many ET’s and all have been genomically tested by Angus GS the most comprehensive and only breed specific DNA test available in the world today. 

Genomic Testing and GE-EPD’s Genomic testing had greatly improved in the last 10 years. This past year Angus has gone to a whole new level with Angus GS and the new “One Step” platform. Angus GS is the only beef breed specific test in the world today. Hundreds of thousands of Angus animals are now represented in the genomic data base for comparison to actual performance and data measurements. Perhaps the greatest enhancement is that One Step recalibrates weekly rather than about every 18 months prior. Data can be added across the breed and not only does it verify the parentage it compares an animal’s truer actual relationships rather than standard pedigree estimates that had been used calculating EPD’s since their inception.

The higher the representation of a pedigree within the training data, the more the connection, and the more reliability genomic testing provides. Verifying parentage has also greatly improved the data set as well. Genomics further underscores the advantage of using 100% A.I. sires in pedigrees that are nationally known and compared by Highview Angus Ranch. Simply put Genomic testing with Angus GS means an even higher level of confidence in predicting what an animal might pass along to their progeny with by far more accurate & updated EPD’s than has ever before been available. Not only all our of sale bulls but now all our females have all been genomically profiled as well. This has been a very significant investment. Highview Angus Ranch will continue to provide our customers with the most up to date information available in the industry today.

2018 AGI Genomics (PDF)



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